Friday, February 29, 2008

Chinon Parchment Reproduction Going Like Hotcakes - Not!

As reported in this space, the Vatican has printed a mere 799 reproductions of the Chinon Parchment, a document issued by Pope Clement V that absolved the captive Templar Knights at Chinon of heresy and wrongdoing. Collectors around the world, it was thought, would snap up these hot knock-offs like hotcakes. And they have indeed sold about as well as you'd expect $8,400 hotcakes would sell - there are still 300 of the Processus Contra Templarios available.

Sure, the leather binding and the reproduction of the Pope's was seals are cool and all, but I suspect most of us are waiting for the paperback edition.

How's your Italian? Here's the publisher's website.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Not Your Usual Templar Chapeau Use

The new Sports Illustrated Swim Suit issue hit newsstands today. Indy driver Danica Patrick will undoubtedly get all of the big, noisy flacking from the press, but Masons can hold their heads up proudly as well - especially members of the Knights Templar. According to friend and brother Russ Spice in Detroit, who keeps his finger on the pulse of such things, on page 180, Brazilian model Daniella Sarahyba is wearing a topless swimsuit, posing coyly with a Knights Templar Chapeau.

Grand Commandery recruiting poster on its way...