Friday, December 4, 2009

Templar Tarot Deck

Author Stephen Dafoe and artist Allen Chester have published a new deck of Tarot cards, based on Knights Templar history and imagery. Templar Tarot: the Journey.

From his Dafoe's website:

Unlike any other tarot deck, the Templar Tarot deck features two sets of Major Arcana cards taken from the original art of American artist Allen Chester. The significance of the art is interpreted by Stephen Dafoe, renowned Templar historian and Canadian author. Dafoe draws on his vast knowledge of the Templars and related traditions to see the mystical messages that Chester has captured in the art. As with the first edition of the Templar Tarot, this tarot deck will also be a limited edition. This is a perfect deck for those that use tarot as a meditation tool.

Available from Dafoe's website or the publisher, Inspire By Design.