Friday, August 10, 2012

Jacques DeMolay Bobblehead Supports DeMolay Youth Group

The Barclay Watch Co. in Pennsylvania is making available a limited edition of 500 Jacques DeMolay bobbleheads to support the Lincoln Chapter of DeMolay in Verona, Pennsylvania. They are available for pre-order at and will start shipping in September. The price is $19.99.

Barclay is best known for its wristwatches based on antique Dudley Masonic and Shriner designs.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Fake Teutonic Order website

This message was posted by a trusted Mason on the Sanctum Sanctorum website about a fake Teutonic order of knighthood being operated out of Germany, and that is advertising virally on Facebook:

Greetings Brethren,

I wanted to alert all concerned that there is a faux "Teutonic Order" which is virally advertiseing on Facebook. It is ran by a person by the name of "Prinz Karl Freidrich" (whom has no legitmate claim to nobility). The "Prinz pretender" has made a very convincing website, which to the untrained (myself admittedly) looks very genuine ( ).

After sending 985 Euros to this person thinking that I were joining the real Teutonic Order, I became suspicious when I didn't receive the items that were said to come along with membership (Marian Neck Cross and Letter of Induction). I inquired as to why, and the response was that "I had been promoted" in the Order and a new letter of induction, as well as, armorial bearings were being created for me, and that I should forward to their bank account in London another 985 Euros. I fortunately received wise council from a very good Brother (You know who you are) to research this group further.

What I found was that it is a complete fake, and this Karl Freidrich person has created dozens of other "chivalric websites" mimicking true and valid chivalric orders. The amazing thing, was that there is nothing on google in any way derogatory towards this man and his nefarious operations. Until now, that is: .

As embarassing and painful as this is to admit that I had been "snookered", I find at least some modicum of reciprocity by trying to spread the word to others so that the same thing doesn't happen to them. I have been in contact with the real Teutonic Order, and they have told me that they've tried to have his website removed, but due to some obtuse laws they couldn't do so.

I have a great love of chivalry, and chivalric orders, and it burns my hide to think that there are people out there perpetrating this scheme on unsuspecting and well intentioned persons. Please spread the word, and if you ever come across an order lead by "Prinz Karl Freidrich" (whom lives in his mother's basement in London) run far, far, away. Don't make the same mistake that I made, and assume that because the website is so genuine looking that it "has to be real." The real Teutonic Order's website actually looks like the fake one.

Facebook pages:

There are about a dozen of other Facebook pages of this fake order as well. I created this one, in the hopes that people will see it when they search facebook for it:

Nathan M. Glover