Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Da Vinci and the Holy Grail in Iceland!

The Iceland Review Online is reporting that the Holy Grail might just be lurking in a subterranean dome under the ice of an Icelandic mountain pass.

Architect Thórarinn Thórarinsson and Italian "cryptographer" Italian cryptographer Giancarlo Gianazza believe the Holy Grail and other lost objects may be located in the Hrunamannahreppur district in southwest Iceland.

Gianazza believes to have found important clues to where the Holy Grail is hidden in poems by Dante and artwork by Leonardo da Vinci and other Renaissance painters. His research has led him to conclude that the treasure is located in a five-meter-large secret underground dome by Skipholtskrókar near the Kjölur mountain pass.

Their theory is that the Knights Templar (naturally) came to Iceland in 1217 to find a hiding place for the Grail and other great gobs of loot. Medieval Icelandic scribbler Snorri Sturluson supposedly helped the knights dig this elusive underground dome in Iceland’s rugged mountains.

The clinching evidence appears when you superimpose a small section of Da Vinci's The Last Supper over a map of the area, and voila! They sort of, kind of match up, maybe, if you click your heels together and make a wish three times.

Something tells me they are riding on the wings of a grant, or looking for investors. Just a guess.

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