Monday, June 6, 2011

Templars Will Cause New World War?

Words absolutely fail me in the wake of this breathless "report" from the website.

See "World War Nears After Vatican-Knights Templar Talks Fail" by Sorcha Faal:

A shocking report prepared by the Russian General Staff to President Medvedev is warning today that World War III is “all but inevitable” after the Knights Templar spurned an initial payment offer of over €22.5 million against their €100 billion claim for the return of their seized assets filed in Spain against Pope Benedict XVI in 2008.


Now the titanic battle currently underway in this century’s long war between the Knights Templar and the Vatican began in August, 2008 when this secretive, but very powerful, religious order filed a suit in Spain against Pope Benedict XVI for the return of the assets seized from them in 1307 by Pope Clement V that included more than 9,000 properties as well as countless pastures, mills and other commercial ventures and estimated to be worth today over €100 billion .

The main basis of the Knights Templar suit against Pope Benedict XVI was information contained in what is called the Chinon Parchment discovered in the Vatican archives proving that Pope Clement V secretly absolved the last Grand Master Jacques de Molay and the rest of the leadership of the Knights Templar from charges brought against them by the Medieval Inquisition. [The parchment is dated Chinon, 1308 August 17 - 20th; the Vatican keeps an authentic copy with reference number Archivum Arcis Armarium D 218, the original having the number D 217]

Spearheading the Knights Templar suit against Pope Benedict XVI was their UNESCO recognized branch located in Switzerland named the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, though this Russian General Staff reports the American “factions” of this order was the main cause behind this unprecedented attack on the Vatican.

In early September, 2008, this report continues, the Vatican filed a counter-claim against the Knights Templar’s suit in Spain seeking its dismissal, which was denied and set off the current global economic crisis after the Knights Templar began a ‘wholesale’ withdrawal of billions, if not trillions, of their hidden assets from both American and European banks causing many of them to collapse.

By June, 2009, the collapse of the global banking system was nearing catastrophic proportions that even the might of the United States could not forestall and leading the new US President, Barack Obama, to ‘order’ the Vatican to the negotiating table with the Knights Templar that he would personally oversee during his July, 2009 meeting with Pope Benedict XVI.

Obama further ordered to the negotiating table between the Vatican and Knights Templar a “secured payment” against the religious orders claim against Pope Benedict XVI of $134 billion in US Treasury Bonds in a move he believed would quell the growing crisis.

Unfortunately for Obama, however, the $134 billion in US Treasury Bonds bound for the meeting between Pope Benedict XVI and the Knights Templar were seized on 15 June under orders from the Vatican by Italian police and prosecutors and the two Japanese Jesuit couriers carrying the 249 US Federal Reserve bonds, each worth $500 million, plus the ten Kennedy bonds with face values of $1 billion were arrested too...

Guess it's time to lay up some dehydrated food and start digging the bunker.

Oh wait.

As a Knight Templar myself, I guess I'll be in line for a cabinet post when the shooting war is over.


Anonymous said...

The war on terror is simply the continuing christian crusades against islam in modern warfare. Our corrupt government created this ruthless business, took the voting power of the people away, and through acts of beneficial terror and ctizens united, waged war with smoke and mirrors on innocent people, foreign and domestic. Our founding fathers would be ashamed.

Anonymous said...

If you need a staff member in the cabinet post, let me know. I am surprised we didn't hear about this at our last meeting.

Masons said...

The Templar effective business turned into their damage when Philip the Reasonable of This particular language, unable to pay back his tremendous debt with them, decided to eliminate the transaction all together. He also assured the Pope Clemente V to accuse the Templars of heresy and to take all their qualities. The knights in combat were harassed, murdered and tormented and in few years the transaction was completely annihilated.