Thursday, August 11, 2011

Knights Templar Confusion in Mexico

CNN reports on the Mexican drug cartel calling itself the "Knights Templar" and the heartburn it's causing for the Mexican organization of the Ordo Supremus Militaris Templi Hierosolymitani, aka Knights Templar International and its charitable works.


Skull and Bones said...

Hi, The Knights Templar's were a very devout religious group that lived during the middle ages. They were Europeans who lived mostly in France and Spain, and they traveled to the Holy Land as a result of the crusades and helped protect many pilgrims as they journeyed to Jerusalem. As such they were very spiritual and were seeking many answers as many of us are today.Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am Demián Alva. A true S.K.T. from México. "Knights of the Sun" #6. I am Past Comendator and soon todo be Grand Comendator of the Grand Commandery of México. Web know here, as a fact, that there is a very strong and powerful polítical source that means todo break down any progresa that goes on in latín América. Including México and all progressive institutions such as Masonry. These polítical sources control media and feed ignorance todo the mases. As well as they encourage and create criminal cells and cartels. Together with the Vatican, whoms best interest is to maintain certain power toó, they give these new criminal cells names that confuse the population. For instance: there is another one called "Los Rojos" (the Reds) wich is the same motto we have in the Royal Arch Masonry. Another one is the criminal group of the "Three dots" etc. We then had to go back to the secrecy. Never the less we aim our most poweful resource, LOVE, to the persue of the enlightenment of Man Kind.